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Our mission is to provide a platform for informed business and community leaders to engage in thought provoking discussions relating to equitable and impactful strategies around real estate development and investment, economic development, affordable housing, and liveable communities in Winston-Salem, NC. Through thoughtful collaborations we're removing barriers and building bridges for development while accelerating economic growth by the following ways.



Serving as
a Catalyst

We serve as a catalyst for innovation in thought and ideas- impacting social, economic, and political issues facing East Winston community.

Quick Sync
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Brilliance Lab

The Brilliance Lab in conjunction with the Brillance Fund and Brillance Network will integrate with our academic programming at Winston-Salem University, work from the Simon Green Atkins Community Development Corporation, the Center for Design Innovation (CDI), and Winston Starts in downtown Winston Salem.

Cultivating a Greater Sense of Community

We take action towards building and strengthening relationships among business leaders, community leaders, and government officials on both the local and state level.

Providing a
Professional Forum

We produce premier public forums for business and community leaders to express a diverse set of views and opinions in a "safe" and open environment.

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